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The Online Profile Management system provides the coastal community with information critical to understanding temporal and spatial variability in coastal systems. Tools are available for logging into the system; loading, viewing, analyzing, and managing regionl profile data; creating new benchmarks; and exporting the data into comma-delimited or RMAP files.

The PMAS website was created and designed by Dr. Scott Harris as part of the South Carolina Coastal Erosion Program. The data on this website is maintained by Scott Harris at the College of Charleston and collected by Coastal Carolina University. Funding for creation of the website and data collection comes from the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, SC OCRM, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control,and Coastal Carolina University.

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For questions concerning the data collection process and any potential errors contact
For questions concerning data analysis or website design, contact Dr. Scott Harris at the College of Charleston (



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